Mechanical Insecticide Solutions

Deadzone (Celite 610) mechanical insecticide is 100% natural diatomaceous earth designed to provide a physical mode of action against insect pests and mites to mitigate chemical insecticide resistance.

Imergard WP is an indoor and outdoor residual spray designed to provide a physical mode of action against mosquito vectors.

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Minerals for Filtration & Adsorbents

During more than 100 years in business, we have developed filtration and adsorbent solutions for nearly every liquid product. Our customers include the majority of beverage, chemical, pharmaceutical and filtration companies in the world.

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Mineral Solutions for Agriculture and Animal Welfare

We provide solutions for agricultural applications, including fertilizer additives, agrochemical carriers, animal feed additives, growing media, soil improvers, plant protection and processing agents.

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Cryogenic Insulation Services

Perlite can be expanded on site with our mobile expanders and directly installed for a ready-made installation for cryogenic and low temperature storage tanks and other containers.

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Minerals for Paints & Coatings

A major supplier of high quality perlite and diatomaceous earth to the Paints and Coatings industry throughout the world.

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Product Spotlight


ImerPure™ is a high performance gravity water filtration best-in-class product that provides access to clean water.
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Latest News

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    Imerys wins Industrial Minerals Association award for Imergard WP,...
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    ImerPure water filters distributed in India following disaster
  • 06.18.18
    Imerys featured in Biodiesel Magazine
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