An efficient global logistics infrastructure is essential to our business. With our network of shipping lines, road, rail and barge suppliers and distribution centers, we are able to provide customized service for our customers, wherever they are in the world.

All of our production locations are well served and connected by seaport, rail or road facilities, and our objective is to ensure that all products reach their destination cost effectively, in perfect condition, and on time.

  • Our large scale logistics infrastructure and organization is optimized to serve local and global customers.
  • We are committed to working with our customers to better understand their specific needs and expectations, thereby creating overall business efficiency in the total value chain.
  • Customer Service specialists are a key component of our integrated logistics team.

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Product Spotlight

Celite Diatomite

Celite diatomaceous earth grades are made from the fossilised remains of single-celled plants called diatoms. These microscopic algae have the unique capability of extracting silica from water to produce their skeletal structure. When diatoms die, their skeletons settle to form a diatomite deposit.

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