I-COTE 1312

Key Benefits

  • High anti-caking performance (Proven performance in high humidity and temperature environments)
  • Long lasting effect on anti-caking effect
  • Easy to handle and incorporate into mixture
  • Low loading ratios
  • Optimized production plan (Stock end-product with no problem to meet demand)

I-Cote™ 1312 is an engineered solution that acts as a high anticaking performance for nitrogen fertilizers and organo minerals, with a focus on regions with high humidity and temperature.

Most of these fertilizers require application of a bi-component product, with a first liquid layer and a second powder. The I-Cote™ 1312 was developed to have a good adhesion on the granule without needing this first liquid layer of the binder.

When caking occurs in fertilizers, due to an increase in moisture, it has a detrimental effect on particles as they gradually increase in volume and become soft and sticky. This can potentially clog equipment and see the quality of the fertilizer spreading reduce. As you can see from the diagram below, by adding I-Cote™ 1312 the powder particles are kept apart which improves flowability.

In areas that face storage conditions with high relative humidity and high temperatures the natural chemical structure of urea means that during the day it starts to take water from the environment. As this happens, the granules surface solubilizes and connects with other granules by liquid bridges. I-Cote™ 1312 has been created to avoid this effect and to keep the fertilizer free-flowing.


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Amit Ganeti