Engineered Minerals

Imerys develops and commercializes high performance products based on innovative material science technologies. With an ever growing list of patents and proprietary processes, Imerys can offer tailored solutions to the most complex processing problems.

Synthetic silicates

Synthetic silicates are produced by the hydrothermal reaction of diatomaceous silica and high purity lime. The physical and chemical properties can be controlled and altered by adjusting processing conditions to provide a wide range of specific product characteristics that maximize the performance of these unique products to meet industry needs.

Silicates products are designed to function as inert absorbent carriers, chemisorbents with specific attractive properties, conditioning agents, anti-caking agents, diluents, excipients, tableting agents, grinding aids, pigment extenders, bulking agents, and thermal insulating materials.

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Cellulose fiber

Cellulose fiber filter aids are manufactured under strict quality controls, and is a virtually ashless inert organic filter aid used for precoating.

Sorbent media

Sorbent media is used in the pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, biotechnology, and analytical industries. These sorbents are based on diatomaceous earth and are available in a wide range of surface areas, mesh sizes, and surface treatments for gas-liquid chromatography and diagnostic applications.

LRA (Lipid Removal Agent)

LRA is a patented synthetic mineral that has a unique affinity for lipid, lipoprotein and endotoxin. It is a filterable alternative to fumed silica.

Porous polymer supports

Chromosorb porous polymers were designed and developed for use as chromatographic packing material. Porous polymers are especially effective in providing separations of a variety of gases and recommended for analyzing aqueous solutions containing organic compounds capable of hydrogen bonding, such as amines, alcohols, glycols, and free acids.

Product Spotlight


AquaPerl is the new crystalline silica-free, alternative filter media for swimming pools.

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