Quality Reserves

Our experienced geologists have a detailed knowledge of the specific properties of our mineral deposits and guide our mining teams in order to extract the best possible sources for our products. As a company, we consistently review and invest in long-term deposits in order to ensure our products have consistent quality minerals.

Precision Processing

At our plants, crude ore is engineered to carefully controlled specifications such as particle size, specific surface area, color, and pH. Our refining and conversion tools purify minerals and adapt them to precise industrial applications and are adjusted for optimum functionality for a given mineral and grade.

Quality Control

We have developed a sophisticated method of analyzing and bench marking our minerals based upon standard and customized tests. Our quality assured management systems are ISO 9001:2015 certified and, through our individual team activities, we seek to continually improve their effectiveness to enhance customer satisfaction and to remain the leader of quality in our industry.

Product Spotlight

Celite Diatomite

Celite diatomaceous earth grades are made from the fossilised remains of single-celled plants called diatoms. These microscopic algae have the unique capability of extracting silica from water to produce their skeletal structure. When diatoms die, their skeletons settle to form a diatomite deposit.

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