Originally designed by IMERYS as an improved filtration performance adsorbent (relevant to existing silica gels and magnesium silicates), CynerSorb® can also be used to eliminate bleaching earth where no colour removal is required, or significantly reduce dosing rates where some bleaching is necessary.

Initial work with CynerSorb® focused on the biodiesel industry, where it increases filtration performance, without compromising on soap, glycerol and catalyst removal. This gives significant increases in filtration capacity (and thus lowered refining costs) – especially for high solid used cooking oil and yellow grease (tallow) feedstocks.

Now however, IMERYS is offering the same potential benefits in the edible and speciality oil industry. Working with partners in the edible oil industry, CynerSorb® has been shown to make bleaching earths more effective at removing colour pigments. The result – lower bleaching earth dosing rates are possible. Apart from the increased refining capacity, this results in less spent filter cake and therefore lower ester/oil losses.

Comparison of CynerSorb® (right) and regular silica gel adsorbent (left) under a microscope shows the higher surface area and micro-porosity of CynerSorb®, which makes CynerSorb® such an effective adsorbent.


Although silica gels and magnesium silicates have excellent adsorption characteristics, they are very poor filter aids. This causes premature filter blockage and thus reduced refining capacity. Often, a diatomite filter aid is added to compensate and keep the filter bed “open”. Whilst this achieves the required increase in filtration capacity, it also adds process complexity and results in additional spent filter cake (and associated oil loss).

As CynerSorb® was designed using a diatomite filter aid “base”, it has all the filtration characteristics of a diatomite. However, IMERYS has successfully surface-engineered the individual diatomite particles so they also have the necessary adsorption functionality. The result, two products currently in use can be replaced by a single product – CynerSorb®.

Application Specific Benefits

  • Excellent filtration characteristics – allows reduction/removal of current filter aid and increases production capacity
  • More effective at removing soaps, phospholipids, trace metals and polar contaminants than current solutions
  • Works synergistically with bleaching earth – allows significant reduction of bleaching earth addition
  • Reduces oil losses


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CynerSorb® Adsorbents

CynerSorb® is a speciality adsorbent for cost effective refining and purification of biodiesel, edible oils and oleochemicals.
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