Biodiesel & Edible Oils Filtration


Edible oils and used cooking oils and recycled animal fats used for the production of biodiesel and Oleochemicals often contain soaps/phospholipids, glycerol and trace metals that need to be removed as part of the “purification” process. Typically this is done during a filtration stage via the addition of a synthetic amorphous silica gel or a magnesium silicate.

While such products have excellent adsorption characteristics, they are very poor filter aids and can cause premature blockage of the filter.

Therefore, to ensure adequate filtration throughput, a high permeability filter aid is often added to keep the filter bed “open”. Imerys has developed a line of fully-functioning soap/phospholipid and trace metal adsorbents specifically for this market, but with excellent filtration performance characteristics – CynerSorb adsorbents.


CynerSorb adsorbents for cost effective refining and purification of edible oils, biodiesel and oleochemicals.

CynerSorb adsorbents reduce total powder usage, enabling longer filtration cycles and therefore increasing product yield through reduced product losses in the spent cake. CynerSorb diatomite products are highly permeable adsorbents that break down soap molecules and adsorb them together with metals and other polar impurities during purification. CynerSorb adsorbents allow you to simplify, by replacing your water wash step or current dry wash process.

CynerSorb adsorbents can be used with a number of feedstocks, including used cooking oil (UCO), refined vegetable oil or animal fat/tallow. They are versatile as pretreatment of feedstock material to reduce impurities, or post treatment to replace current adsorption soluton.

The result – a simplified process, increased yields with significantly lower processing costs.

Application Specific Benefits

  • Available in a range of permeabilities
  • Surface engineered to give superior soap, metal and polar contaminant removal
  • Reduction/elimination of hydration times associated with current adsorbents
  • Excellent filtration characteristics – allows reduction/elimination of current filter aid
  • Longer cycle times
  • Reduces spent filter cake disposal
  • Increased product yield – less spent filter cake means less product loss
  • Works synergistically with bleaching earth -- allows significant reduction of bleaching earth addition


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Jim Appelbee

Product Spotlight

CynerSorb® Adsorbents

CynerSorb® is a speciality adsorbent for cost effective refining and purification of biodiesel, edible oils and oleochemicals.
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