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DEADZONE™ (CELITE® 610) MECHANICAL INSECTICIDE (100% natural diatomite) is designed to provide a physical mode of action against insect pests and mites.

Today, mankind relies almost exclusively on pesticides to protect food and industrial crops from insect pests and mites, driving natural selection towards resistance.

Deadzone™ (Celite® 610) is a mechanical insecticide that provides a physical, non-chemical mode of action. Applied as a wettable powder using standard crop protection equipment, it adheres to the outer layer of the plant. Contact with an insect pest or mite results in the static transfer of a few particles of Deadzone™ (Celite® 610), which absorb the protective lipid layer necessary for their survival. As a result, the insect will dehydrate. Insect pests and mites will not become immune to Deadzone’s mode of action. Deadzone™ (Celite® 610) is a powerful complimentary active to any integrated pest management program.


  • EPA approved and registered in all 50 states in USA
  • High potential for absorption from epicuticle lipid layer
  • OMRI listed mechanical insecticide
  • Food Chemical Codex (FCC)
  • Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS), indirect food contact
  • Zero Restricted Entry Intervals (REI)
  • Zero PHI

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Deadzone (Celite 610) mechanical insecticide is designed to provide a physical mode of action against insect pests and mites to mitigate chemical insecticide resistance.

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