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DEADZONE™ (CELITE® 610) MECHANICAL INSECTICIDE has proven effective against the most problematic insect pests such as cockroaches, ants, beetles, bedbugs, and other crawling insects that are found at your home or business.

Deadzone™ (Celite® 610) is a mechanical insecticide that provides a physical, non-chemical mode of action. It has proven control against cockroaches, ants, beetles, bedbugs, and other crawling insect pests and mites that are found at your home or business.


  • EPA approved and registered in all 50 states in USA
  • 100% natural diatomaceous earth
  • High potential for absorption from epicuticle lipid layer
  • OMRI listed mechanical insecticide
  • Food Chemical Codex (FCC)
  • Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS), indirect food contact
  • Zero Restricted Entry Intervals (REI)


  • Physical mode of action which deters chemical resistance development
  • Stand alone treatment or use as synergist with existing chemical or biopesticides
  • Excellent residual activity
  • Powerful, complementary active ingredient to integrated p


Always refer to full label instructions before use. Use lower rates for light to moderate infestations and higher rates for heavy infestations. Celite® 610 should be applied as a wettable powder to the walls. This method can also be used to treat other surfaces. A duster can be used to apply dry powder to the target areas.


Cockroaches, Ants, Earwigs, Millipedes and Centipedes, Crickets and Silverfish. Lightly coat a thin layer in areas where these pests are found and may hide such as cracks and crevices, behind and beneath refrigerators, cabinets, stoves, garbage cans and in and around sewer pipes and drains, window frames and in attics and basements. Dust insects directly if possible.

Fleas: Thoroughly treat floor and bedding in and around pets’ sleeping quarters. Treat surrounding cracks and crevices, baseboards, carpeting and wherever fleas are suspected.

Carpet Beetles: Dust along baseboards, carpet edges, under carpeting, furniture, in closets and shelving where these insects are seen or suspected.

Bedbugs: Dismantle bed and apply in joints, crevices and where rungs are inserted. See that all interior areas are dusted. Dust mattresses especially folds and edges. All cracks and crevices and around window openings in the bedroom should be treated.


Cockroaches, Earwigs, Grasshoppers, Ants and Crickets: Lightly coat a thin layer of powder or slurry to areas where these insects are found such as patios, outdoor sills, window and door frames. Apply around foundations, along ant trails and around sewer pipes and drains.


Contact with an insect pest or mite results in the static transfer of a few particles of the active. These particles absorb the protective lipid layer necessary for the insect’s survival. As a result, the insect will dehydrate.


Deadzone™ (CELITE® 610) is available in bulk, supersacks or 40 pound bags and is available through our national distribution network partner for the US market.

For more information about our products, pack sizes or sales outside the USA please contact us to discuss further with an Imerys specialist.

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Deadzone (Celite 610) mechanical insecticide is designed to provide a physical mode of action against insect pests and mites to mitigate chemical insecticide resistance.

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