Vector Control

Imergard™ WP mechanical insecticide is an indoor and outdoor residual spray designed to provide a physical mode of action against mosquito vectors.

Population growth, urbanization in tropical, developing countries and climate change are megatrends driving natural selection towards resistance.

Imergard™ WP is a mechanical insecticide that provides a physical, nonchemical mode of action. Applied as a wettable powder using standard equipment, it adheres to interior and exterior walls to provide long term residual control of mosquitos. Contact with a mosquito results in the static transfer of a few particles of Imergard™ WP, which absorb the protective lipid layer necessary for their survival. As a result, the mosquito will dehydrate.

Mosquitoes will not become immune to Imergard™ WP’s mode of action. Imergard™ WP is a powerful complementary active to any integrated vector management program.

  • EPA approval pending
  • WHO PQ approval pending

Imergard WP Features

  • Non-chemical (physical), non-toxic mode of action
  • Fast acting and persistent
  • Treated mosquitoes don’t appear to want to host seek or oviposition
  • Physical mode of action should deter cross-chemical resistance development

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