CynerSorb® adsorbents markets are expanding globally

Our new adsorbing filter-aid can remove a wide range of contaminants – from soaps to metals to phospholipids – is set to cut the costs of industrial purification
March 15, 2017
San Jose, California

Combining adsorption and filtration functions, CynerSorb removes both soluble and insoluble impurities. This can significantly cut the amounts of adsorbent and bleaching clay that are used in refining. “Some of our customers have reduced the amount of adsorbents they were using by at least 50%. That quickly adds up in savings,” says Robert Gonzalez, Marketing and Business Development Manager for Imerys Filtration division. Further savings come from the longer filtration cycles made possible by the physical structure of the CynerSorb molecule, which is highly adsorbent but which does not lower the flow rate.

CynerSorb can be used in the purification of oleochemicals, biodiesel, and edible oils. It is able to adsorb glycerins, moisture, and other soluble impurities. Once CynerSorb has attracted and captured these impurities, they can be removed by filtration.

Based on customers’ needs, four different grades have been developed so far and we expect to continue to develop the CynerSorb product family as we enter new applications in edible oils, oleochemicals and beyond.

What is an adsorbent? A substance that attracts other materials or particles to its surface.

What is CynerSorb?

A soap/phospholipid adsorbent with excellent filtration performance. Under the microscope it looks almost identical to a diatomite filter aid.

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