ImerPure water filters distributed in India following disaster

Low cost water filters provide access to clean drinking water
October 4, 2018

Kerala, a southern state of India, was hit by its worst flood in more than a century. Imerys Filtration participated in the relief effort by supplying 3000 ImerPure water filters to the Association Kerala Medical Graduates (AKMG) under their ‘Jeevajalam, Water for Life Program.’ These filters were distributed by AKMG partners, GlobalMedic and PHIA Foundation, last week to families in need. These ImerPure filters will provide each family with clean drinking water for up to 1 year. Imerys is gratified to be able to help the people of Kerala by providing them with the means to access clean drinking water at such a critical juncture. The ImerPure water filters are low-cost, high performing gravity water filters that can help improve living conditions of people in remote locations or during disaster relief operations. These water filters are able to purify highly turbid and contaminated water to render it potable.

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