Imerys Insulation Services expands cryogenic insulation evacuation services in Perlite Americas division

December 1, 2016
San Jose, California

Imerys Perlite Americas added two more intrinsic mobile vacuum units allowing disposal containers to be located up to 300 feet away from the work. Additionally, Imerys acquired a vacuum bulk tanker supporting the small and quick jobs, and identified new containers to further control emissions during evacuation, and ease the disposal or re-application of perlite. These new mobile evacuation units improved the distance and capability to remove wet perlite, and increased the volume per hour. The new equipment establishes Imerys Insulation Services as the leader in the volume per hour that can be evacuated. This sets up their customers with opportunities to reduce their downtime for maintenance work.

In 2016, Imerys successfully completed over 400,000 cubic feet of perlite removals for their customers. This included basic evacuation, hot nitrogen application to melt and remove frozen perlite, manual removal of wet perlite, and brush downs plus wash downs of the tanks and boxes. Imerys also utilized its fixed assets and contacts around the country to aid in the disposal of evacuated perlite for their customers.

Product Spotlight

EuroPerl HD

EuroPerl HD and Harborlite S perlite filter aid series are optimized for easy and fast pre-coating, reduced unit consumption and high flow rates in Rotovac applications.

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