Mineral Solutions for Agriculture at AgriTech 2017

September 14, 2017
San Jose, California

Imerys Filtration featured mineral solutions for agriculture at the AgriTech conference in India. Attendees stopped by to learn about Crop Protection using organic and natural solutions to manage pests such as aphids, thrips, white flies, and more; Plant Available Silica, a biostimulant that increases silica and other micro-nutrients and reduces stress on the plant; Imerfert, a high performance anti-caking agent for fertilizers to maintain free-flowing; and Soil Conditioner which increases water retention in the soil up to 30%, especially important in drought areas.

Product Spotlight

Celite Diatomite

Celite diatomaceous earth grades are made from the fossilised remains of single-celled plants called diatoms. These microscopic algae have the unique capability of extracting silica from water to produce their skeletal structure. When diatoms die, their skeletons settle to form a diatomite deposit.

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