Quality Control

Rigorous testing procedures are employed at every stage of the production process, from the mining of the mineral deposit itself through to dispatch of the final product. Adjustments to processing conditions and blending of different batches are carried out in response to these results, ensuring IMERYS’ customers can always rely on consistent quality.

Quality and reliability of our products is of the utmost importance: our ultimate goal is quality control and quality service.

IMERYS products are supplied to stringent specifications. All products are fully verified for key properties.

IMERYS minerals are produced to the highest international quality standards, ensuring consistency


Mike Boerner

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Mike Boerner


Celite Cynergy® is a beer stabilizing diatomite product that filters like diatomaceous earth (kieselguhr) and cold stabilizes like silica gel, yet performs better than conventional diatomaceous earth and silica gel. When utilizing Celite Cynergy® material volume decreases, resulting in reduced waste, less cleaning and more storage space, thereby...

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