Sustainable Development

How can Celite Cynergy Aid Sustainability Initiatives?

Beer Extract Losses

  • Reduction in beer extract losses as fewer filter start ups and shut downs means less beer and water interfaces going to drain

Water Usage and Effluent Disposal

  • Longer filtration runs between cleaning saves time and materials, with a positive effect on water consumption and process efficiency
  • Reduced waste cake as a result of longer filtration cycles, which means a reduction in effluent disposal costs
  • Fewer filter wash offs mean a reduction in detergents and cleaning chemicals being used and going to drain

Carbon Footprint Reduction

  • Reduction of filter cake volume leading to longer filter runs between filter cleans
  • Reduction in hot water and electricity usage as a result of longer filter runs and therefore fewer filter cleans and sterilizations
  • Improvement and simplification of brewing process by combining filtering and stabilization processes and removing the need for silica gel during beer clarification

Food Safety

  • Use of Food Chemical Codex and Food & Drug Administration (FDA) approved materials – engineering from materials that already have Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) status and approval from the FDA for use in beer production

IMERYS Sustainable Development

IMERYS is dedicated to its long term Sustainable Development Programme and has set itself the goal of improving its energy efficiency by 10% over five years.

It is IMERYS’ ambition to reduce the ecological footprint of the mineral production process and to contribute to a more sustainable environment, as well as minimise the environmental impacts of its operations throughout the world.

IMERYS understands that there are no ‘quick fixes’ but acknowledges that progress will be made by making operational and personal improvements to reach sustainability targets.


Innovations in reduced diatomaceous earth usage and environment-friendly filtration remain IMERYS’ priority. Every year, our new filter aids are expanding possibilities for breweries around the globe.


Mike Boerner

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Mike Boerner


Celite Cynergy® is a beer stabilizing diatomite product that filters like diatomaceous earth (kieselguhr) and cold stabilizes like silica gel, yet performs better than conventional diatomaceous earth and silica gel. When utilizing Celite Cynergy® material volume decreases, resulting in reduced waste, less cleaning and more storage space, thereby...

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