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A complete range of mineral solutions for cosmetics formulators developed by Imerys, the world’s leading producer of mineral specialties. All Imerys cosmetic grades are natural, pure, chemically inert, and offer good skin tolerance.

Diatomaceous earth is composed of microporous siliceous fragments of fossilised skeletal remains of aquatic algae, known as diatoms. Due to its micro-porous structure, the ImerCare® D range offers ultra-high absorbency power for make-up and deodorant applications. Benefits and applications – Dry touch agent and body control in deodorants – Sebum absorption and fast drying time in face masks.

Perlite products are made from a volcanic glass which contains 2-6% water in its inner structure. When heated to around 900°C, the water trapped within the structure is vapourised, causing the material to expand. The ImerCare® P range is used in many different personal care products which require exfoliation or high-absorbency properties.

Benefits and applications

  • Exfoliating action in scrubs and anti-dandruff shampoos
  • Cleaning and polishing agent in toothpaste

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Thierry Casteran

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ImerCare® P-Scrub range is an engineered perlite portfolio created to provide a gentle exfoliation effect.
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