CynerSorb Adsorbents

CynerSorb™ Adsorbents

CynerSorb™ is a speciality adsorbent for cost effective refining and purification of biodiesel, edible oils and oleochemicals.

  • Excellent filtration characteristics – allows reduction/removal of current filter aid and increases production capacity
  • More effective at removing soaps, phospholipids, trace metals and polar contaminants than current solutions
  • Works synergistically with bleaching earth – allows significant reduction of bleaching earth addition

Key Features

  • Reduces oil losses
  • Available in a range of permeabilities
  • High soaps removal
  • Removes metals and polar contaminants
  • Reduces filter aid usage vs. conventional materials
  • Longer cycle times
  • Higher flow rates
  • Reduces spent filter cake disposal
  • Chill haze reduction in Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Key Applications

  • Biodiesel purification
  • Edible oils
  • Industrial and pomace oils
  • Purification of oleochemicals

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