IMERYS Filtration offers a complete range of products for agriculture and animal welfare based on different grades of perlite, diatomaceous earth, talc, wollastonite, bentonite and moler.


Imerys Filtration provides solutions for various agricultural applications, which include: fertiliser additives, agrochemical carriers, animal feed additives, growing media, soil improvers, plant protection and processing agents.



Highlighted products

  • Imerys hydroponic growbags: a complete range of perlite growbags able to provide optimum air / water ratio for hydroponic cultivation

  • Agroperl: The natural, mineral solution to improve substrate performance. It is used in growing media production, nurseries, rooting of cuttings, soil conditioning, turf management, compost production

  • Celite 610: is an EPA registered, OMRI listed high efficacy natural amorphous silica suitable for use in a wide range of pest control strategies

  • Invelop: creates a physical barrier against sunburn attacks

  • Luzenac 2, Steamine S: anticaking agents for fertilisers based on talc

  • Smectagri: Bentonite as a technological additive for animal feed

  • Diamol: anti-caking / flowability agent, carrier for liquids (acids, fat, etheric oils, vitamins)

  • Stealim, MAST/5: Anticaking agent for animal feed production based on talc

  • Diature F: carrier for phospholipids in aqua feed

  • Diatobon P: Technological additive which is used as a carrier for animal feed

  • Animol: Improves bedding conditions and reduces ammonia smell

  • Alsi ABF: For cost-effective density sorting of root vegetables under challenging harvest conditions

  • TalcOliva: for the optimization of extra olive oil production

Application Specific Benefits

  • High anticaking properties
  • Better flowability
  • High absorption / optimum loading
  • Precisely controlled fine powders
  • Optimum air/water ratio for growing media compositions
  • Improved yields
  • Plant protection against sunburn attacks
  • Plant protection against insects


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Arthur Latorre

Product Spotlight


Diature F is a special mineral based Phospholipid carrier that improves the feed quality for fishes and crustaceans
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