Building & Construction

The modern systems of building and construction demand new materials with advanced functionalities such as thermal insulation, mechanical resistance, dimensional stability and other critical properties.

Imerys identifies the market requirements, and in response develops dedicated engineered mineral solutions.


Efficiency is the word used in all trends for the building and construction materials; energy saving, protection of the environment, lightweight, resistance improvement and other major drivers are considered by Imerys to develop products with specific functionalities.


Highlighted products

  • Imerys is developing a new range of high strength lightweight material, lightweighting materials for the plasters, renders, joint compounds, as well as ETICS applications.

Application Specific Benefits

  • Thermal insulation
  • Acoustic insulation
  • Lightweight
  • Reinforcement of mechanical properties
  • Fireproofing

To read more about Perlitemp rigid insulation, Perlive construction, or Perfiltra for filtration, go to the Imerys Perlita website.


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John Gil

Product Spotlight

Lightweight Material

Our solutions provide you with a sustainable, controlled and repeatable source of lightweight material of high quality, preventing odor, color and supply issues.

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