World Minerals Announces a New Product Development Launch for the Reduction of Plate Out in PVC
July 22, 2008

Santa Barbara, California – July 22, 2008 – World Minerals, a global mining and minerals company and a world leader in the manufacturing of high quality filter aids and functional mineral additives, has announced the launch of two new additives for polyvinyl chloride (PVC), Europerl® 60 and Harborlite® 205P. These products are fine grades of alumino silicate and are used as extrusion aids particularly applicable for use in PVC polymers. They were designed by World Minerals to reduce die build up or “plate out” on the extrusion line and improve overall quality and surface finish of the extruded part.

Used as a processing aid in PVC, these new products allow for longer production runs with fewer stoppages for cleaning. The additives inhibit the build up of hard deposits often caused by the reactions of the stabilizer systems and mineral build up. They are also effective against the softer organic deposits associated with waxes.

As well as reducing line stoppages, these products can improve the internal and external surface quality, help reduce scrap and improve appearance. These products can work with a variety of stabilizer systems and can improve both rigid and flexible formulations. They were designed to be particularly applicable to pipes, door and window profiles, sidings, flooring and other high output extrusions.

Produced in the United States and European locations, the products can be shipped globally.

Product Spotlight


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