EMS (Engineered Mineral Solution), a specialty outlet providing a customized product or solution to customers.

Imerys has a broad mineral portfolio combined with in depth knowledge in process transformation, beneficiation processes and world class application expertise allowing customers to either improve performance or reduce cost using EMS products.

EMS products can improve the performance properties such as:

  • Optical performance- e.g. Opacity, tint strength and color
  • Film properties- e.g. Scrub and burnish resistance.
  • Step-out performance- e.g. exterior durability, adhesion
  • Application properties- e.g. open time, drying time, anti-splatter
  • Texture performance- matting, gloss improvement, whiteness
  • Reduced total system cost at equivalent performance
  • Reduced reliance on specific ingredients, e.g. TiO2, additives.
  • Reduced manufacturing complexity / cost, e.g. in line mixing
  • More robust processing or more forgiving recipes

EMS products can be designed to provide tailor made functionality such as:

  • Sound proofing/dampening
  • Thermal insulation
  • Improved color
  • Odor absorption
  • Radiation curing
  • Better matting efficacy
  • Lower density/Light weight
  • EMS portfolio can improve the long term sustainability by helping to lower VOC (Volatile Organic Content) and carbon footprint.

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