ImerPure Water Filter

Before and after filtration

Low Cost Water Filter Solution for Households

The ImerPure™ system, a high performance gravity water filtration device, is functional, resilient and compact and comes in consumer-ready packaging.

It has been through five years of research and development by Imerys filter aid and ceramic scientists. In addition, independent research was performed by PATH (USA) and field trials conducted by Tufts University.

The ImerPure™ system uses an innovative and proprietary fast flowing ceramic cartridge providing high protection standards. It is easy to clean and comes in a robust and modular design allowing for future attachments.

The ImerPure™ cartridge purifies highly turbid and contaminated water to render it potable. The ImerPure™ cartridge also significantly reduces the count of disease-causing pathogens.



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Renato Martins